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REDUCED" by £4000. Recent scrutiny of an early 1983 F1 Theodore revealed that the monocoque is Identical in all detail to the Theodore that is here for sale,

Even the chassis numbers are in sequence. This 1983 car number just a little later. It was used as an Indy Car but was clearly an F1 car at the time.

MR Yipp switched from F1 to Indy Car Racing.

WORLD CHAMPIONS, AYRTON SENNA, ALAN JONES, KEKE ROSBURG, MIKA HAKKINEN and a host of other famous driver stated their careers with Theodore Yipp.
This Rare historic Theodore Indy car is Ex Bruno Giacomelli.
Cart no 328 Chassis 83-0 21.
The car is complete minus engine.
The gearbox number MO33 is in situe and connected to the drive shafts this is a Mo Nunn copy of the Wiesman gear box. 
One of Three Indy Cars built for Teddy Yipp, designed by Nigel Bennet and constructed by
Advance Composites of carbon fibre honey comb alloy and fibre glass.
This Rare Theodore was raced by Bruno Giacomelli and Roberto Geurrero and was being prepared for Mark Surer, hence the number change. The car was withdrawn,returned to Britain where it spent the rest of its days on display before being dismantled and stored.
Subsequently there are no signs of wear in the steering rack rose joints or suspension
And I believe almost all of the parts are reusable.
There is a spare set of wheels with a couple of new uprights.
This Historic Theodore has great potential as a Historic Race Car, Sprint or Hill Climb Car
Or purely for PROFIT!

Price £19KGB Pounds ovno .or possible PX exchange interesting classic.


To see the car in action.. http://indycar.neulion.com/indy/console.jsp







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